RailRestro provides quality food delivery at PATNA Junction Railway station from popular restaurants. Patna Railway Station is one of the major stations and popular for booking train meals. The food in train app, RailRestro, offers hot, delicious, hygienic and famous food of Bihar. 

If you are travelling through Patna Railway Station of Bihar State, you can easily savour the flavourful delicacies at your train seat. Hasn't train travel to become more exciting and fulfilling with this news? Yes! Right, you can easily order great Patna foods and famous local delicacies at the Patna Railway station from RailRestro.

How to Order Food in train at Patna Railway Station?

RailRestro is a very popular and best food in train app. Through RailRestro, you can order food online while travelling by train at the comfort of your seat or berth. RailRestro serves customers through its website as well as the Mobile application as well. The app is revolutionizing the entire train travel experience with its seamless food delivery beyond borders and barriers. Train passengers can either book food delivery in advance or while travelling on the train as well. Let's see how you can enjoy the great food delivery in train services of the esteemed RailRestro.

Ordering food on train through RailRestro website at Patna Railway Station

  • Visit the food on train ordering website, www.RailRestro.com.
  • Enter your PNR number. 
  • Then select the nearest station as Patna Railway Station from the list.
  • Then select the local Patna delicacies as well as your favourite travel comfort food.
  • Proceed with a payment: Online or Offline (Cash on Delivery).
  • Accordingly, you will be able to get your desired food to your seat or berth as you reach the Patna Railway Station.

Order Meal at Patna Railway Station Using Food in Train App

  • Download the RailRestro food in train app from the Google play store or App store. 
  • Enter your valid PNR Number.
  • Select the nearest station as Patna Railway Station. Select the desired food from the mentioned food outlets.
  • Proceed with a payment: Online or Offline (Cash on Delivery).
  • You will get your food delivered to your respective seat or berth.

Famous Foods of Patna to Order in Train

Patna, Bihar, is known for its wide variety of tastes and food. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, desserts, you name it! Patna offers the best of them all with its twist of flavours. The taste of Patna is so lip-smacking that you will be left craving more after tasting them. Even though there are many dishes that boast of its rich gluttony heritage, here are a few of Patna’s very own delights that you can order in train to titillate your taste buds.

  1. Puri Sabzi

Though puri or pooris are famous in various parts of India, Patna offers its own twisted, tasty, satisfying puri served with a curry made out of different vegetables called Sabzi. The pooris or Puris of Patna are short in size but large in pleasing your heart and soul. This comfort food is better for breakfast or dinner as well. You get to order the best Puri Sabzi at Patna Railway Station from the best restaurants around. So never miss out on the blessing of Patna in the form of your “any time haver” comfort food, the Puri – Sabzi.

  1. Litti Chokha

It needs no new introduction. This Patna - Bihari famous food welcomes you with the warmest of regards. Crunchy crusty outside made out of flour with mashed boiled potatoes and vegetables inside makes the Litti Chokha the best food to have at any time, any place. Dripped with pure desi ghee, Having Litti Chokha in train is the best welcome in its true grandeur you can receive at the Patna Railway Station. Order the best Litti Chokha from the RailRestro application and increase the enjoyment of the tour train journey to great heights.

  1. Chana Ghugni

Chana Ghugni is a delicious and healthful mid-day meal. This chickpea menu is available as a side dish and is low in calories and fat. Chana Ghugni can be savoured with roti and plain rice.

  1. Mutton Kebabs

Melting-in-mouth Mutton Kebabs is a heavenly dish. Mutton Kebabs in Bihar are made with mild spices, meat fillets, and raw papaya soaked with mustard oil. The Smokey taste and suppleness of Kebabs are so exquisite and sweet that you will crave more. Try this dish when you order food in train at Patna junction.

  1. Sattu Paratha

Sattu Paratha is a stuffed paratha and a popular regional dish of Bihar. To taste the authentic flavour of sattu paratha, order it from RailRestro and get it at your train's seat/berth.

Not just them, there is a wide range of delicacies, desserts, snacks and non-vegetarian specials you can order at Patna Railway station. Patna is famous for Mutton kebabs and local desserts as well. Have all of the best of Patna's cuisines, food as and when you want at the Patna Railway Station through RailRestro.

Endless List of Food in Train Is Waiting for You at Patna Junction

Make your train journey memorable and tastier with the help of RailRestro's food delivery in train services. No more train food worries. Tastier, healthier food in train is served hot and comfortable at your seat or berth as you wish to have. Reach out to Rairestro now. Have great food for your next train journey.

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